Multiple size and power options.

Fixer high speed drain cleaning machine series comprises several different units to meet all the challenges at pipe lining sites. Fixer D, 8, 10, Combi and 12 get the job done even when the going gets though.

Fixer Series: The ultimate drain cleaning machines

Fixaline’s FIXER high speed machines boast unrivaled power for drain cleaning, blockage removal, cutting and grinding. These machines are designed to deliver optimal performance!

Ensure precise and consistent resin impegnation to liners with Fixaline’s industry leading wet-out machines. E-Rollers boast power, durability and unparallelled strength.

Foreign object detection

Easily adjustable roller gap, a counter display

The E-ROLLER is available in 2 sizes. Easily wet-out CIPP liners with E-Roller 450 up to 8″ / DN200, and with E-Roller 650 up to 14″ / DN350 liners.



Fixaline offers wide range of specialty tools for drain cleaning, descaling, cutting and installing liners.

Tools, materials and accessories

Gear up with Fixaline’s arsenal of rugged tools, high quality materials and accessories. We provide pipe rehabilitation experts everything required for conducting high-quality relining projects. Consistently enhancing the cured-in-place industry, we persistently innovate and create new tools for relining professionals around the world.